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But wait – Pier Solar is a game made by fans for the fans! So our judges and best indicators of the game's positive or negative reception are you! Feel free to browse the list of links below for previews, reviews and news about Pier Solar.


Reviews, First impressions (English / American)
Joe Redifer's Super-Awesome Reviews!!!! Pier Solar | The Magic Box
Retro Review: Pier Solar and the Great Architects (Sega Mega Drive) | RetroCollect
First Impressions: Pier Solar | Hey Poor Player
Pier Solar OT – the BEST 16-bit RPG you've never played Gaming Discussion
Pier Solar Game Sample and Detailed Review - Genesis/MD |
Barman's personal review of the game @ Pier Solar boards
Pier Solar for Mega Drive | 8bitplus
Pier Solar: Awesome Retro RPG Goodness

Reviews, First impressions (French)
Test de Pier Solar | Le_Marbrier @
[Ultime] Pier Solar and the Great Architects {Mega Drive} : Oui, un nouveau jeu Mega Drive

Reviews, First impressions (Spanish)
Pier Solar Review | GamesTribune Magazine (pages 92-95)
Mega Drive - Pier Solar - Hombre Imaginario | Blog de cultura impopular
Desconsolados ya tiene su Pier Solar | Desconsolados - Videojuegos

Interviews (English / American)
Interview: WaterMelon Games - Pier Solar's Developers | RetroCollect

Interviews (French)
21:33 Développement et sortie de Pier Solar | Debuglife
Interview des membres de Watermelon, les développeurs de Pier Solar | Dixième Art

Interviews (Spanish)
Interview with Tulio Adriano | GamesTribune Magazine (pages 42-45)

[PRE-RELEASE] Articles (English / American)
Develop Mag - "Water Melon on developing for a twenty-year old console"
Develop Mag - "Why would anyone develop a new game for obsolete Sega hardware?"
Black Flower Music - "Pier Solar Dev Team Q&A"
rfgeneration - "A Look Ahead: Pier Solar and the Great Architect"
Hctor - "Modern day Mega Drive game could come to XBLA"
Seganerds - "Pier Solar to appear on XBLA in the future?"
Teamxbox - "Pier Solar Dev Considering Xbox Live Arcade Port"
Xboxer - "Brand new Mega Drive RPG "Pier Solar" possibly coming to Xbox Live Arcade"
Worthplaying - "Pier Solar (SMD) Might Make Its Way to Xbox Live Arcade "
Destructoid - "Modern day Mega Drive game could come to XBLA"
Dasien - "Pier Solar box art!"
Segatastic - "Could Pier Solar get an XBLA release?"
Electricpig - "Pier Solar - coming soon on, er, Megadrive"
strategy informer - "Upcoming Megadrive release Pier Solar could make it onto XBLA"
n4g - "Upcoming Megadrive release Pier Solar could make it onto XBLA"
Develop Mag - "New Mega Drive devs eyeing XBLA"
CVG - "New Megadrive game eyes XBLA release"
CVG - "New Megadrive game in the works"
IGN - "Independent's Day, Vol. 5: Pier Solar Flares"
Sega Nerds - "Pier Solar - Brand new Megadrive game coming 2008"
Casualty Gamer - "Remaking the Retro: Pier Solar"
Monsters And Critics - "New SEGA Genesis RPG in the works" - "Genesis Games Still Keep Kicking"
The Artful Gamer - "Pier Solar: A Brilliant Indie-developed Console RPG"
Sega-16 - "Preview: Pier Solar"
Sega-16 - "Interview: Pier Solar Team"
Hobby Blog - "PIER SOLAR: New Mega Drive game"
Pineconeattack - "Pier Solar coming to a Sega Genesis/CD near you!"
Sega Fanatic - "Pier Solar Pre-Order"
Sega Fanatic - "Pier Solar and the great architects"
Sega News - "Pier Solar pre-orders opened"
Insert Credit - "News: Pier Solar and the Great Architects"
Real Badged Games - "Pier Solar: Coming Soon to... Sega Genesis"
Gamespy - "Pier Solar (Gen)"
Clusterflock - "Pier Solar"
The Ironic Gamer - "Pier Solar, New Game For Sega Megadrive, Yes, The 16-Bit Machine"
Hey Poor Player - "Pier Solar and the Great Architects"
Destructoid - "Blast processing LIVES! A new Sega Megadrive game is coming soon"
Temple of doom - "Pier Solar: Brand New Genesis and Sega CD RPG"
Rising Stuff - "An overlooked milestone happening this week…"
XSReviews - "New Sega Megadrive/Genesis Game to be Released"

[PRE-RELEASE] Articles (Portuguese)
Jogos - "Brasileiro encabeça projeto de novo game para Mega Drive"
Gaga Games - "Jogo novo para Mega Drive: Pier Solar"
Gaga Games - "Túlio Adriano conta sobre o desenvolvimento de Pier Solar"
Continue - "Mega Drive vai ganhar jogo inédito em 2008, produzido por um brasileiro!"
Continue - "[Entrevista] Tulio Adriano, do projeto Pier Solar"

[PRE-RELEASE] Articles (French)
Guardiana - "Pier Solar en pré commande"

[PRE-RELEASE] Articles (German)
Sega Universe - "Pier Solar and the Great Architects: Neues Mega Drive RPG"

[PRE-RELEASE] Articles (Spanish)
Pier Solar preview | GamesTribune Magazine (pages 48-49)
Pier Solar, un nuevo juego para MegaDrive :: SEGA rcadia | SEGA, Sonic, consolas, videojuegos
'Pier Solar': un nuevo RPG para MegaDrive en camino
Pier Solar, un nuevo juego para ¡Megadrive! :: ABADIA DIGITAL
De Gamboi a Pleiesteichon » Pier Solar, pensamiento en voz alta y pequeña galerìa de imàgenes.
Mega Drive - Pier Solar (avance) - Hombre Imaginario | Blog de cultura impopular

[PRE-RELEASE] Forum Threads (English / American)
VGEVO - "Pier Solar - brand new RPG for the Genesis"
rllmukforum - "Pier Solar, New Megadrive RPG - demo released, Pre-orders open"
NTSC UK - "New Megadrive game - Pier Solar (RPG)!"
Games TM - "New Mega Drive game coming soon"
Shmups - "The Sega Genesis lives! New games coming..."
Atariage - "Pier Solar - New SEGA Genesis game" - "Pier Solar - New Megadrive game!"
Cheap Ass Gamer - "New Sega Genesis/CD RPG: Pier Solar (demo coming 9/01/08)"
Dcemu - "New SEGA Genesis RPG in the works"
Racketboy - "Pier Solar"
PwnEm - "Pier Solar"
RetroJunk - "Pier Solar...."
ASSEMbler - "Pier Solar and the Great Architects demo released (new RPG for MD/Genny)"
Digital Press - "Pier Solar, the new Genesis RPG can now be pre-ordered!"
Retroware TV - "Pier Solar beta demo released + pre orders open!"
Indianapolis Hardcore - "pier solar (attn: britts)!"
Armchair Arcade - "Pier Solar RPG Pre-Orders Now Open - New Sega Genesis cartridge and Sega CD JRPG"
Select Button - "The Pier Solar demo rom is..."
Eurogamer - "new megadrive game this year."

[PRE-RELEASE] Forum Threads (Swedish)
Vintage Games
Loading - "piersolar nyutvecklat mega drive/mega cd spel 2008"
Retro Super Store - "Pier Solar (Nyutvecklat spel till Mega drive/Mega CD)(2008)"

[PRE-RELEASE] Forum Threads (German)
Multikonsolero - "Pier Solar - der offizielle Thread!"
Nexgam - "Pier Solar: Neues Mega Drive RPG"
Sega-dc - "Betreff des Beitrags: Pier Solar"

[PRE-RELEASE] Forum Threads (Spanish)
[HILO OFICIAL] Pier Solar and the great architects (1 de 105) @
Foro Briconsola :: Ver tema - [HILO OFICIAL] Pier solar... ya esta aquiii.....

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